Today List

The digital To Do list is the simplest form of digital usefulness. Yet, I still find most applications to be overly complicated and not worth using. Today List is what you have to do Today. If you don't get it done today, it moves to Yesterday. Anything in the future is for tomorrow. That's it.

Since it's so simple, I'm using this as an opportunity for me to hand-code a web app from scratch – reviewing updates to HTML/CSS, making it responsive, and eventually hooking it up to a database.


Cheap Eaters 

After moving to New York and finding lots of cheap delicious meals, contrary to the popular stereotype of dining in the city, we decided to start compiling every meal we loved under $10.

Using Tumblr, I made a custom theme and then used some basic scripting to read the caption I entered on my phone and parse it into a layout that shows the Location, Meal, and Price.



With Instagram ushering in the era of a constant livestream of photos, and my obsession with live music, I thought it would be interesting to be able to tap into a visual stream of what music is happening right now. 

I used the instagram REST API to pull images from the last 7 days at a few music venues. At some point I'd like to combine it with calendars in order to automate the titling of the shows.


Suono: Interactive Bookshelf

As part of a course on the future integration of electronics and physical objects, I worked with another designer to make a bookshelf that could be used for live sequencing of sound.

We used pressure sensors connected to an Ardunio board, which we  routed to MAX/MSP where the pressure values influenced the speed and pitch of triggered samples.


Orphan Escape

What better goal for a game then rescuing orphans from the harsh conditions of factory work? Inspired by adventure and puzzle games, I worked with another designer to create a level for a game that has you finding your orphan friends and escaping.

I did the coding all in ActionScript 2.0 using object oriented programming, and then imported graphic assets and animations created by the other designer. 


Danger Room

During a course on Information Visualization, I was curious about what the calculated risk of the objects around me were – how dangerous was it to actually live in my room?

I did a complete inventory of literally every thing that I had in my room, from clothing to paper to electronics. Then I used the US database of injury to find out how many injuries were associated with each object, and what body part they influenced. Then, I created an interactive visualization for exploring the data.



People walk by each other's homes all the time, and I was curious who those people were and what kind of patterns I could visualize based on them.

Using a motion trigger in a webcam, I tracked people that walked by my apartment over the course of three days, then composited the images into a single photo.